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Naked Massacre - The Freakmaker - Tropic Heat


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Vidcrest Gems Of Jazz (Vols. 1 and 2)- Fellini's, The Clowns

Hallucination (the first dramatic film to deal with LSD)


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The Nazis - The Last Nazi - Mondo Cane 1 & 2

Slave Trade In The World Today


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Pele, The Master & His Method - Best soccer learning video ever produced

Country and Blues Harmonica For The Absolute Beginner Presented by B.B. King, the best harmonica instructional video ever produced.



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Video Production/Distribution

Robert Weinbach is a native of St. Louis, Mo. and graduate of Missouri University from which he received a B.A. degree in Radio/Television Production and Journalism. Mr. Weinbach is President and owner of CYCLONE PRODUCTIONS, INC. and of VIDCREST which he launched in 1981, a pioneer producer and distributor in the home video market with thirty-two films presently in release. Included are the internationally acclaimed feature documentary, MONDO CANE and PELE, THE MASTER & HIS METHOD starring international sports legend, Pele and the original instructional, interactive, music video, COUNTRY & BLUES HARMONICA FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER based on the best-selling book by Jon Gindick, produced and directed by Mr. Weinbach and featuring Jon Gindick and B.B. King. VIDCREST was a major video program supplier to PLAYBOY'S, CRITIC'S CHOICE video catalog division.


Film Production

Mr. Weinbach lived and worked in Europe and the Mid East for eight years and began his film career in Spain as co-producer of PLATERO & I. (based on the Nobel Prize winning book by Juan Ramon Jimenez}. Subsequently, he produced and co-authored two other feature films in Spain; HALLUCINATION (AIP Release) starring George Montgomery and BLIND MAN'S BLUFF, a/k/a CAULDRON OF BLOOD (Cannon Release) starring Boris Karloff, Jean Pierre Aumont and Viveca Lindfors. Upon returning to the United States, he produced THE AWAKENING

(Avco-Embassy Release) co-written by best-selling author, Robin Moore (THE GREEN BERETS and THE FRENCH CONNECTION). 


In London, Mr. Weinbach co-authored and produced THE MUTATIONS (Columbia Pictures Release) starring Donald Pleasence, Jill Haworth (Academy Award nominee EXODUS) and Michael Dunn (Academy Award nominee SHIP OF FOOLS) directed by Jack Cardiff (Academy Award winner, Best Cinematographer for THE RED SHOES and New York Film Critics Award Winner as director of SONS & LOVERS.  Subsequently, in the United States Mr. Weinbach packaged and co-authored the screenplay for GOOD LUCK, MISS WYCKOFF based on the novel by Pulitzer Prize winning author, William Inge, starring Anne Heywood and Donald Pleasence. Mr. Weinbach is a member of the Directors Guild and Writers Guild and lives in Los Angeles. 


Current Feature Film Projects

Film projects based on screenplays by Mr. Weinbach presently scheduled for production or in development are: JITTERBUG,  THE KILLER INSIDE ME SHIVER (based on the novel by Brian Harper),  MANTECA an occult thriller set against the background of N.Y.'s Afro-Cuban music scene.